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Abner Fortis, ISMC
Cherry Drop

In the International Space Marine Corps (ISMC), every new Marine is a cherry, raw and untested. Even the officers.

Second Lieutenant Abner Fortis is as cherry as they come. The ink on his commission is barely dry when he is ordered to make his first combat drop-ship insertion, or “cherry drop.” The mission is a training operation on the jungle planet of Pada-Pada, where the biggest challenge is how to avoid becoming a snack for the carnivorous bugs that lurk in the underbrush. Practically a vacation, by ISMC standards.

When the mission goes awry and a dark secret is exposed, Fortis and his fellow Marines are forced to fight for their very survival against a vicious foe on a hostile planet.

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Now Available on Audiobook

"I simply couldn't put in down.

Great action, fantastic characters, careful and well thought out world building, it was a great book to read.

The kind of space marine military story I enjoy. If you like military sci-fi, this book will not disappoint."

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