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Abner Fortis
International Space
Marine Corps


Do it not like it

DINLI has many meanings to a Space Marine. It is the unofficial motto of the International Space Marine Corps, and it stands for “Do It, Not Like It”.

Every Space Marine recruit has DINLI drilled into their head from the moment they arrive at basic training. Whatever they’re ordered to do, they don’t have to like it. They just have to do it. Crawl through stinking tidal mud? DINLI. Run countless miles with heavy packs? DINLI. Endure brutal punishment for minor mistakes? DINLI.

DINLI also refers to the illicit hootch the Space Marines brew wherever they deploy. From jungle planets like Pada-Pada, to the water-covered planets of the Felder Reach, and even on the barren, boulder-strewn deserts of Balfan-48. It might be a violation of Fleet Regulations to brew it, but every Marine drinks DINLI, from the lowest private to the most senior general.


DINLI is also the name of the ISMC mascot, a scowling bulldog with a cigar clamped between its massive jaws.

Finally, DINLI is a general-purpose expression about the grunt life. From announcing the birth of a new child to expressing disgust at receiving a freeze-dried ham and lima bean ration pack again, a Space Marine can expect one response from his comrades.


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