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Walter Bailey Misadventures 
Omnibus : All Three Misadventures Under One Cover!

The trilogy is complete! For the first time, all three novels of the Walter Bailey Misadventures are available under one cover.

In “Redcaps Rising”, Walter Bailey returns to the small Mississippi town where he was born to investigate the murder of his estranged Gram. His discoveries launch him and his new elven friends – Lou, Rocco, and Sal – on a magical quest to the Kingdom of Magic like no other to seek justice and vengeance.

In “Conjurer of Chaos”, Walter’s adventures in the Kingdom of Magic continue as opposing forces struggle to gain the upper hand and rule the Kingdom. Old foes become friends and new enemies are made as Walter is drawn into a web of palace intrigue that threatens to spill over into the real world.

Finally, in “Heretic’s Fork”, Walter is summoned to a magical colloquy to answer for the theft of the Book of Prophesies. Along the way, Walter receives troubling news that casts suspicion in all directions, and he is once again compelled to travel to the Kingdom of Magic.

Does Walter Bailey have what it takes to save the Kingdom of Magic? Can he finally fulfill the destiny written for him in the Book of Prophesies?

There’s only one way to find out!

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