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Abner Fortis, ISMC
Peace Dividend

Sometimes the dividends of peace aren’t peaceful

After the President declared the Maduro Sector off-limits, a peace craze swept the United Nations of Terra. The government enacted the Budget Realignment Act to reap the dividends of the peace by shifting funds away from the defense budget to public services. Space Marines and Fleet personnel were summarily dismissed from the service and their ships and weapons were mothballed.

The Kuiper Knights, a fundamentalist cult that existed on the fringes of known space, recruited thousands of former military members, also known as “divvies,” and transported them to the Free Sector, an area in space denied to the UNT.

As political tensions on Terra Earth rise, a crisis emerges that threatens the peace in the Free Sector and on Terra Earth. Abner Fortis and Petr Ystremski are dispatched to deal with the crisis and prevent full-scale hostilities.


Will their efforts be enough to prevent an all-out war and the employment of a super weapon nicknamed, “The Planet Killer?”

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"I love this series, a lot of action and humor! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I highly recommend."


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