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Walter Bailey Misadventures 
Redcaps Rising

“Murder most foul,
And evil in the air.
Seek the Red Dwarf,
Only brave may dare."

When Walter Bailey arrived in Mississippi, he discovered the murder of his estranged grandmother was not the random and senseless crime it was reported to be. Accompanied by an unlikely group of heroes, guided by the words of a mad little hermit, opposed by evil beyond his wildest imagination, Walter embarks on an epic quest through an unfamiliar and often hilarious world of magic. As the stakes go up, the price of failure becomes the future of magic on Earth itself.

Are Walter and his intrepid companions up to the challenge in a world where anything goes and the truth isn’t always what it seems?

Walter Baily.jpg

“To say this novel is action-packed would be an understatement. It’s a raucous road trip filled with hilarity, unlikely friends, dangerous foes, and adventure around every turn.”

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