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Abner Fortis, ISMC
Uncivil War

The Space Marines won the war. Can they win the peace?

The newly formed Military Assistance Command-Maltaan (MACM), led by General Ellis Boudreaux, is facing serious problems.

The Maltaan rainy season has begun, and the east-west highway which connects the capital Daarben to Ulvaan, the only major city in the east, is choked with convoys transporting Precision Crafted Soldiers (PCS) to the helenium mines controlled by the Galactic Resource Conglomerate (GRC). The increasingly vulnerable rail line is the sole means of moving supplies to support Space Marines deployed in the east, and hunger is making the Maltaani uneasy.

The repatriation program designed to weed out hard core nationalists from the thousands of Maltaani POWs captured during the Space Marine invasion failed. General Staaber, the nationalist leader, slipped through the system and has returned home to lead the burgeoning insurgency.


Captain Abner Fortis and his team of operators are ordered to solve the most serious problem. Their mission: kill General Staaber.

Easy to say, hard to do.


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